Angel Tattoo Designs are some of the most common inks you will find on people. However, it is not many who understand the possible history and depth of angels inked on their bodies. For one, the concept of angels is not exclusive to Christianity. In fact, it is older than Christianity itself. It is a Jewish belief which was later on transferred to the Egyptians. It took couple of hundreds of years for Christianity to adapt to the belief. So, before getting those angel tattoo designs, read below.

Angel Tattoo Designs #1: Cubicolo dell’Annunziazione

Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism all have the concept of angels. Christianity adapted it much later. In fact, the earliest representation of angels didn’t have wings. The Cubicolo dell’Annunziazione in the Catacomb Priscilla, a quary in the Roman times. Used as burial site, its walls are full of images about biblical stories. If you want a tattoo that would depict the purest Christian interpretation for your Angel tattoo designs, the Cubicolo dell’Annunziazione might be the perfect one for you.

Angel Tattoo Designs #2: Prince’s Sarcophagus

The earliest depiction of angels with wings was on the Prince’s Sarcophagus which was found in Sarigüzel, near Istanbul. It has been approximated to have been done at the time of Theodosius I (379-395). Saint John Chrysostom, however, explained that Christianity does not believe angels have wings. It is just to represent the fact that they are sublime and divine beings. If you want to keep your angel tattoo designs to be as accurate as possible to Christian belief, it might not be a bad idea to have an image of an angel without wings.

Angel Tattoo Designs #3: Angels in Military Uniform

If you want the oldest image for your angel tattoo designs. The earliest angels and the ones closest to God are known as executor of God’s orders. That is why Archangel Michael and Uriel are always in military uniform. Check out the following images that depict angels in different military uniform styles:

• The Ecstasy of St Theresa by Gian Lorenzo Bernini
• Annunciations by many artists.
• The Sopo Archangels
• Ángel arcabucero, Latin American angels with guns

If you want a contemporary interpretation for your angel tattoo designs, why not put the angels in contemporary military uniforms?

Angel Tattoo Designs #4: Archangels and their Jobs

The most popular archangel is Michael and Gabriel but there are actually hundreds of others. Many of them have been interpreted by different artists. However, there is no stopping you from making your interpretation based on their supposed jobs.

• Michael’s name actually means “most like God” and it is because of this that he has been known as the closest angel to God. He is in-charged of performing tasks that have to do with justice.
• Gabriel is somewhat an irony in itself because his name means strength but he is actually in-charged of showing acts of kindness.
• Raphael, just like what his name means, is the healer.
• Uriel means God is my light and is counted on to show people the path towards the fulfilment of their destiny.
• There are others like Seraphim, Malach HaMavet, Satan, Chayot HaKodesh, Ophanim, among others.
Remember that there are many other angels and some of them have interesting jobs. Do your research before designing you angel tattoo designs.