Butterfly Tattoos and the Metamorphosis

Girls who want to permanently adorn their bodies with a thing of beauty should consider having butterfly tattoos as their inked on accessory. A form of body modification that can be considered as body art, tattoos have been present for centuries in many different cultures. Symbols or images are made by inserting ink to change the pigment of the dermis, thus adding a permanent alteration on one’s body.

Centuries ago, warriors had tattoos to signify their rank in their society, or the number of opponents they have killed. In some cultures, women also have tattoos to make them “more beautiful” in the eyes of their male tribe mates.

Designs ranged from tribal symbols or characters to various flower tattoo designs or simple curlicues that mean elegance and grace. Today, women appreciate the beauty that butterfly tattoos bring.

Butterfly tattoos have been one of the most popular tattoo designs for girls. Butterflies have been regarded as dainty yet sexy and appealing tattoo subjects. It is for these reasons that women and even younger girls want to have butterflies tattooed on their bodies.

 Tracing the history of butterfly tattoos give a deeper understanding of what having such tattoos mean. The butterfly is a symbol for change and metamorphosis, similar to how a girl becomes a woman. For others, butterflies may represent the souls of departed loved ones and having them tattooed on their bodies mean having their loved ones close to them at all times.

 There are many different meanings of butterfly tattoos but generally, butterflies symbolize change, freedom of the spirit, souls, or girls and women. Their symbolism is largely influenced by the person’s own beliefs.

Suitable Body Parts for Butterfly Tattoos

  • For long haired girls who wish to hide their tattoos at times or flaunt it at other occasions, placing butterfly tattoos on the nape is a good choice since letting their hair down can hide the tattoo while having it tied up reveals it.
  • The ankle is also a popular spot for tattoos. Having a butterfly adorn an ankle like tattoo will definitely make it girly.
  • Placing tattoos on chakra points such as the lower back or belly or near the heart can signify fertility, virginity, and immense love.
  • The shoulder blade is also an appealing spot to have butterfly tattoos placed on since the shoulders are near the head and are thus, noticeable.
  • For those who want smaller tattoos of butterflies, the wrist is a good spot. Hiding it can also be easy when needed with the help of a watch or bracelet.

Factors to Consider Before Getting Butterfly Tattoos

 Size and color are the main factors to consider. Butterfly tattoos can be fully colored or plain black. Next, the number of butterflies to be inked should be specified as well. One butterfly has greater impact but three or more butterflies can also be good depending on the design.

Other people accompany their butterfly tattoos with different flower tattoo designs that may represent the woman herself. Intricate designs may take longer than usual but having beautiful butterfly tattoos is surely worth the pain and the wait.