Fashionable Tattoos for Girls

Tattoos for girls are widely accepted by society and fashion. In fact, tattoos have been in existence for centuries. They were practiced by different cultures and tribes all over the world and believed to have existed since 3300 BC as evidence were found on a mummified Iceman.

Today, you will see tattoos on celebrities, models and ordinary individuals. There is no exact age group and it is no longer considered delinquent or rebellious. Gone are the days when bikers and punk rockers were the only ones wearing tattoos.

Now, both sexes in all walks of life have it. Tattoos for girls are becoming more and more popular and here we will talk about some ideas for feminine tattoos and where you should put them.

Sexiest Tattoo Designs for Girls

Popular Tattoos for Girls

Girls are more delicate and softer than men and thus when it comes to tattoos; women in general prefer more delicate designs. You rarely see girls wearing bold and masculine looking tattoos. Although there are few whose fashion sense in tattoos are more hardcore than most women.

Butterflies, stars, flowers, tribal, and fairies are as popular as heart tattoo designs. There are variations of these designs but they are the most chosen. Women also tend to have smaller, less inconspicuous tattoos than men. Small tattoos for girls are sexier than the big and visible ones.

Tattoos for girls are also diverse. Some can be cute and fun while others are erotic and artistic. Some put some personal touch by including a symbol or a name close to their heart.

Location of Tattoos for Girls

Women tend to get tattoos that can easily be hidden when at work or in formal gatherings. Lower back tattoo designs are popular since it can only be seen when wearing low rise jeans and short blouses or when wearing a bikini.

The inside of the wrist is also a good place since it can be covered by a watch or a bracelet if needed. Tattoos for girls on the feet are also very attractive but they need more care. The back and near the shoulder are also gaining popularity as well as the nape.

How to Choose Tattoos for Girls

When choosing a tattoo design, you should thoroughly do your research before making a decision. Remember that tattoos are permanent and if you decide to have laser treatment, there will always be a scar. So it’s best to think twice or even thrice before making the choice to go under the needle.

First thing is to pick your design. The internet is a great place to look. There are countless websites that have images of tattoos for girls and it can easily be printed or saved on your mobile phone or computer.

Next is to choose the location. On what part of the body do you want your tattoo? Do you want it to be inconspicuous or visible for everyone to admire? You will also have to decide on the size depending on your desired location.

Finally and most importantly, choose your artist or shop. You have to be vigilant in choosing where you want your tattoo done because there may be complications and infections. You want your tattoos for girls done by an experienced professional.