Finger tattoos are gaining much attention today than before. New techniques in tattooing have made it possible for finger tattoos to look more stunning even if they are so small compared to other tattoos in other parts of the body. If you want to go an extra mile to show the whole world your tattoo love, then you may opt for a nice finger tattoo.

Finger Tattoo Designs: A Brief History

Finger tattoos are prominent among the tribes on the Micronesian and Pacific islands, where people were heavily tattooed according to their societal status, roles and achievements. The earliest known finger tattoos were dated 1000 BC. Finger tattoos were mostly possessed by women of high ranks and status in their society.

Finger Tattoo Designs: Rings

The most common finger tattoo designs are none other than rings. These are a growing trend for couples nowadays, whether they are in the boyfriend-girlfriend stage, or already married. Ring tattoos for couples depict everlasting love for one another, as these are often permanent. For married couples, ring tattoo can be either an addition to the traditional wedding ring, or a replacement of it. Wedding rings can be removed or totally lost. When you fight with your spouse, you can simply remove your ring out of anger. On the other hand, permanent ring finger tattoos will serve as a reminder of your marriage vow – to love one another no matter what.

Ring finger tattoo designs for couple may include a replica or an image of their wedding ring, or the name of each other written around the ring finger. “His” and “Hers” ring tattoo designs are also cool ideas for a finger tattoo.

Finger Tattoo Designs: Flowers

Finger tattoos are mostly preferred by women as they are the reproductive organs of plants, symbolizing femininity and graciousness. They also represent love, growth, unity and birth. However, different kinds of flower finger tattoo designs depict various meanings. Roses show romanticism and devotion for love. Lilies are signs of chastity, innocence, fertility, motherhood and nurturing. Amaryllis depicts victory over a serious challenge encountered in one’s life. Forgiveness, honesty, and faith are the meanings of daffodils. Pansies are great as memorial flowers for one’s dearly beloved who has left this world. Violets symbolize nobility, charm, modesty and healing. Camellia represents fragility, passion, delicateness and sophistication. Apple blossoms represent fertility, love, sensuality and peace.

Flower finger tattoos that cover only a portion of your finger symbolize neatness, while those that go across your finger towards the back of your hand with the flowers connected by a gorgeous vine show gracefulness.

Finger Tattoo Designs: Letterings

Aside from rings and flowers, letterings are favorite finger tattoos among men and women. One cool finger tattoo design is the “Shhh” lettering on the side part of the index finger, which is a great artwork for those who love silence and serenity. An “Okay!” lettering tattoo on the thumb is quirky yet adorable. Important names, dates, locations and things with appropriate styles of letters are also fabulous as finger tattoos.