Koi is the most common fish that appears on Fish Tattoo Designs. It is beautiful and its close affinity with Japanese history makes it a favourite of those who are also fascinated with the Japanese culture. However, do not forget that the deep blue sea offers over fish that deserves as much attention and tribute. Below are some fish you can take a look at for your Fish Tattoo Designs.

Fish Tattoo Designs

Fish Tattoo Designs #1: Salmon

Salmon is not known as the King of Fish for nothing. There is no denying that there are other fish that are stronger, bigger and prettier but only the Salmon has all of it as strongly as it does. It starts and ends its life in an amazing way. It swims across the Atlantic for a year or two only to swim back to where it came from, often, to end its life. It seems that they were born to fulfil its destiny and when it does, it comes home. They also swim against the current getting most of their strength from its powerful tail.

If you want a fish that symbolizes rebellion against “what should be”, strength and fulfilment of an amazing destiny, the salmon is for your fish tattoo designs.

Fish Tattoo Designs #2:Blue Streak Basslet

Blue Streak Basslet is one of the most intelligent fish there is. In fact, those who breed this fish said that it can recognize its master. It actually makes it presence felt whenever his master walks in. Of course there is the aesthetics. The bright blue streak against a jet black body is nothing short of breathtaking.

They are also fearless and adventurous. They have no regard for their life when faced with adventure. In captivity, they are known to continuously attempt escape which causes their death.

Fish Tattoo Designs #3:Emperor Angel Fish

They are equally magnificent as a young and as an adult. As a young one, they have white rings all over their body that alternates with their naturally blue lining. When they reach maturity, the white stripes turn into yellow lines that run through its tail. Its blue body become brighter and purplish. Its face is traced with a neon blue color on its eyes.

There are very few fish that value its freedom more than Emperor Angel Fish. And that should weigh a lot when you are looking for fish tattoo designs .In the wild, they live kindly. In fact, they are known to have cleaning stations where other fish are welcome to come if they have parasites for cleaning. But in captivity, they become bullies and will fight any fish even the bigger ones.

If you want fish tattoo designsthat are beautiful and signify freedom, the emperor angel fish is for you.

Fish Tattoo Designs #4:Mangrove Rivulus

Mangrove Rivulus is not as beautiful as the Emperor Angel Fish and certainly not as popular as the Salmon. That might discourage others from choosing this for their fish tattoo designs. But no other fish can ever match its survival skills. It can live out of water for months by breathing through its skin instead of its gills. When the dry season begins, they can find spots where they can hide like coconut shell and stay there until the rainy season begins. Then, they go to the water and live like other normal fish.

Remember that you must with what you stand for and look for a fish that represents that quality instead of choosing a fish even if it does not speak about you at all. Fish Tattoo Designs should be about you, not about the fish.