Full sleeve tattoos are a great way to show one’s creativity as well as make an effective statement, since it is attention grabbing and can show a lot of visual elements in a short amount of time. It also symbolizes commitment, as it takes a good amount of collaboration from the tattoo artist and the customer in order to come out good. There’s also the fact that really good Full sleeve tattoos take weeks, or even months and years to complete.

As a testament to the full sleeve tattoos’ effectiveness as a means of self-expression, a lot of music artists, particularly those who are established enough to be considered Rockstars, have full sleeve tattoos. Here are some of the more notable ones:

Rockstar Full Sleeve Tattoos #1: Travis Barker’s “Good Luck” and “familia” Arms

travis barker 223x300 Full Sleeve Tattoos

Travis Baker

The Blink182 drummer’s full sleeve tattoos are made up of a number of separate designs, instead of one single artwork. They do follow a single theme, though; the right sleeve is made up of tattoos of emblems that depict good luck, such as a dollar sign, the lucky number seven, a skull with the number 13 in the eye sockets, a rabbit’s foot, and even a deck of cards. The left consists of tattoos that symbolize the importance of family in his life, with the phrase “familia”, as well as several designs that complement the names of the women in his life, which are tattooed elsewhere on his body. The sleeve also contains a depiction of Mama Mary.

Rockstar Full Sleeve Tattoos #2: Ozzy Osbourne’s “Metal” sleeve

ozzy 240x300 Full Sleeve Tattoos


The grandfather of metal sports a large gallery of tattoos, with most of them consisting of full sleeve tattoos. Ozzy’s left arm has a large tattoo of a gargoyle that is holding a decapitated head of a woman. The left arm also has a dagger symbole bearing the name “Mom” on a small banner. His right arm is slightly more colorful, with a Chinese dragon, flames, claws, and other smaller designs that fit in with the theme. His upper right arm also contains his tribute to his wife: A rose with the name “Sharon”.

Rockstar Full Sleeve Tattoos #3: Pete Wentz’ “Burton” sleeve

pete 300x198 Full Sleeve Tattoos

Pete Wentz

The Fallout Boy bassist has a lot of different tattoos making up his sleeve, but we’ve referred to it as “Burton” because the most prominent one is of the character Jack Skellington (from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas) on his right arm. He also has the “free sign”, the unloveable, the 2 star R and the phrase “NeverNeverLand”.

Rockstar Full Sleeve Tattoos #4: Chester Bennington’s “flames” sleeve

chester 228x300 Full Sleeve Tattoos


The Linkin Park co-frontman’s full sleeve tattoos are made up of animals and flames, such as a large koi fish in his left arm, long blue flames on his wrist and forearm, and butterflies on the elbow area. His right arm consists of tattoos that match the left, with the addition of a skull with diamond eyes, and a spider’s web on his elbow. He also has another koi fish and other vegetation on the upper arm.

Rockstar Full Sleeve Tattoos #5: John Mayer’s “colorful” sleeve

john  mayer 228x300 Full Sleeve Tattoos

John Mayer tattoos

John Mayer’s sleeves are a good example of a full sleeve tattoo that took several sessions and years to complete. The full sleeve tattoos include the words “home” and “life” on the back of his left and right arms, a koi-like fish, the initials SRV (Stevie Ray Vaughan, his major influence), an oriental dragon, various floral designs, and three squares on his right arm that he says will be filled in gradually.

Full Sleeve tattoos are certainly popular for people who want to commit to getting inked, particularly because it works well regardless of the physical attributes of the person. It doesn’t matter if the arm is skinny, untoned, ripped, or even flabby – full sleeve tattoos will look good as long as the design is well done.