Some of the best Half Sleeve Tattoos can be seen on the arms of Celebrities – after all, they’re usually the ones who are either setting trends or innovatively following them. However, some celebrities also have the worst examples of half sleeve tattoos. From spelling mistakes to dated designs and bard portraits, the most recognized people on the planet usually make the worst mistakes in body ink. Here are some of the more notable examples of the worst Celebrity Half Sleeve Tattoos:

Worst Half Sleeve Tattoos #1: Johnny Depp

depp Half Sleeve Tattoos

Jhonny Depp Half sleeve Tattoo

Johnny Depp may be an icon when it comes to tattoos, but he’s far from a pristine example of what you should choose to have inked on your body. His “Winona/Wino Forever” tattoo is a good example (tattooing your lover’s name in your body is a bad idea, especially in Hollywood where relationships are much less stable), but there’s also Depp’s “Betty Sue” (his mom’s name) Half Sleeve Tattoos, which looks dated due to the poor choice of backgrounds.

Worst Half Sleeve Tattoos #2: Sean “Puffy” Combs

sean combs tattoos Half Sleeve Tattoos

Sean Combs Half Sleeve Tattoos

Sean Combs has an Angel with a Bible Verse as part of his half sleeve tattoos. We could mark this down as a failure for being to hip-hop what kanji is on sorority girls, but we would prefer to judge it based on how poorly it looks – for one thing, the angel was not drawn well enough, but there’s also the bible verse, which is too long to be read in one passing, and written using an illegible cursive font. If you only look at his tattoo in a few seconds – which is the amount of time most people have when looking at Half Sleeve Tattoos – you’ll only see it as a confusing doodle with nondescript words.

Worst Half Sleeve Tattoos #3: Brad Miller

bradmiller4 Half Sleeve Tattoos

Brad Miller Tattoos

NBA Player Brad Miller has taken endorsement to another level by getting a sleeve tattoo that features the logo of Stephan Marbury’s pro model shoe line “And 1”. It’s good for the shoe line, as they get a permanent advertisement on a celebrity’s skin, not so much for the celebrity, as he’s stuck being a walking advertisement for a product even if his contract ends, or even if the product has already stopped being trendy.

Worst Half Sleeve Tattoos #4: Kobe Bryant

kobe bryant tattoo Half Sleeve Tattoos

Kobe Bryant Tattoos

Kobe Bryant’s half sleeve tattoos include a large butterfly crown that serves as an apology to his significant other, Vanessa. We’ve already mentioned above that tattooing a lover’s name in your body is a bad idea, but Kobe goes one step further and actually includes an apology for something wrong he has done. Good luck, Kobe, because now Vanessa and whoever will replace her will never forget what you have done.

Worst Half Sleeve Tattoos #5: Nick Lachey

nick lachey Half Sleeve Tattoos

Nick Lachey Tattoos

Former Boyband extraordinaire’s half sleeve tattoos feature a dated tribal armband, which is about as 90s as his boyband. Half Sleeve Tattoos that come in the form of armbands are one of the easily recognizable trend tats, add an instantly dated tribal design, and you’ve got yourself a permanent proof that you lack identity and originality.

Worst Half Sleeve Tattoos #6: Pamela Anderson

pamanderson1 Half Sleeve Tattoos

Pamela Anderson Tattoos

Pamela Anderson has a barbed wire tattoo on her sleeve, as a promotional tool for her film Barb Wire. Using your body as a canvass for marketing tools is a bad idea, especially if it’s something that you don’t want to promote in the future. Just ask all the retired rappers who had their record labels’ names inked as half sleeve tattoos.