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Tattoos can be broadly classified into two groups, permanent and temporary tattoos. Henna tattoo is an example of temporary tattoos. The tradition of making tattoos has its root deeply embedded in history and the modern generation has accepted it willingly. Is this because the up and coming can not stick with anything long term icon smile Henna Tattoo ???

Important facts about henna tattoo:

The biggest advantage of getting henna tattoo is that the process is absolutely painless and the tattoo stays for as long as one month. However the longevity of the tattoo largely depends on its application as well as its aftercare. The tradition of henna tattoo originated in the southern part of Asia but it gradually spread to other parts of the world. Tattoo made by henna is also popularly called Mehndi. This particular type of tattoo is made from a paste of henna leaves. The natural dye of the henna leaves is called Lawsone. This dye easily bonds with keratin that can be found in our skin, hair etc. According to the traditional customs henna tattoo is made mainly on the feet and hands in various attractive patters. However modern form of this particular type of tattoo can be made in any part of the body.

How to get a henna tattoo:

Henna tattoo is different from other temporary tattoos because it is available in only three shades of colors like nearly blacks, browns and reds. To get this particular type of tattoo a person has to leave the henna paste on the skin surface for several long hours so that the shade gets darker and the pattern becomes more prominent. However with the passage of time this type of tattoo gradual fades as the body sheds old and dead cells and replaces it by new cells. As henna tattoo is made by using natural products so problems like rashes or allergic type of reactions on the skin are very rare.