In case you want to geek or embody Japanese values through your inks, then finding Japanese symbols would be great interest to you. However, for you to find a symbol, you need to know what it is you want symbolized. Aside from the timelessly awesome Ninja, the Japanese culture has other gems up on their sleeves and this includes values that essentially make them Japanese. If you don’t understand what I am saying, don’t worry, that makes two of use.

Below are some of the values that Japanese live by. You can look for these Japanese symbols to have it inked.

Japanese Symbol of On

On is something the West doesn’t have, debt of gratitude. That is why they have such strong family ties. The children are forever indebted to their parents for giving them life and sacrificing their time all to raise them. It is also the reason they essentially make it their obligation to help or be there for someone who has saved their life.

Japanese Symbol of Giri

Giri is the value of doing things that benefits the society. The good they do to others, they believe, will come back to them.

Japanese Symbol of Ninjo

Ninjo refers to their deepest desires and emotions. If it conflicts with Giri, one should supress it. In case the person supress it, then they commit suicide.

Japanese Symbol of Reciprocity

Reciprocity is the belief that no one is absolutely good or absolutely bad. They can only be good or bad relative to their relationship with other people. Hence, they do not judge an act but the consequence of the act.

Japanese Symbol of Loyalty/Obedience

They are expected to be loyal to their immediate group like family and friends. To a certain extent, society will understand if someone does something bad for the sake of his family.
Japanese Symbol of Racism

They are known to be fiercely loyal to their kind. They tolerate but discourage marriage of to foreigners.

Japanese Symbol of Communication Without Words

Takeo Kuwahara stated that the Japanese believed that communicating without words is more efficient than communicating with words. This is primarily why they never followed the West’s alphabet system. They value the meanings in silence. In their minds, talking too much is a sign of immaturity and stupidity. They also associate talking with women as only mothers are acceptable to be talkative to their children. In fact, three Kanji characters that means woman actually means noise.

Japanese Symbol of Success or Victory

Here’s how much the Japanese hate losing. The death march happened in WWII. The Japanese army forced 76,000 Filipino and American Prisoners of War (POW) to walk 128 km without food and water and while they beat them up. They did it because they wanted the POWs to die. They wanted the POWs to die because they didn’t have any resources to maintain 76,000 POWs. They didn’t have any resources because they never imagined that anyone would allow themselves to be captured by their enemies alive. They thought Filipino and American soldiers would rather commit a hara-kiri than be a POW because they would rather commit a hara-kiri than be a POW. Losing and captivity was just inconceivable to them and they were floored to realize 76,000 chose it.

Japan has a fascinating culture and getting an ink with Japanese symbol is a great idea. Just make sure your Japanese symbol actually means what you think it means.