There is a long standing debate on whether getting Jesus Tattoo Designs is blasphemy or not. We are not moral experts and certainly not bible geniuses so we will let the intellectuals and the religious debate on that and we will just cater to those who have decided to get Jesus Tattoo Designs because we are a tattoo design site, in case you haven’t noticed.

One of the most common requests we get is unique Jesus Tattoo Designs. Now, we can easily give you photos of Jesus inks but that wouldn’t make it unique. Instead, we are presenting some paintings or multi-media art of Jesus that may be used as Jesus Tattoo Designs. Just make sure you acknowledge the artist.

Jesus Tattoo Designs#1: Jesus Christ by Xlorite

We rarely get to see an image of Jesus Christ the depicts how bloody and painful he possibly was when he was crucified to death and this is one of those images that hits the spot. There are many tight shot of him wearing the crown but he is most often clean like someone prepared him for his spotlight. Of course, we are not sure if this is really how he looked like but it does make you feel the pain and sacrifice he had to endure just to save us all.

Repent all ‘ye of little faith.

Jesus Tattoo Designs#2: Jesus Christ Calligraphy by Andrew Hesham

I have never thought even a calligraphy of Jesus ‘ name could look so kick ass. I mean, just look at that. One of the coolest Jesus Tattoo Designs you can get. Writing his name in a style that not everyone would understand has other benefits too:

1)      You get to display your faith but you are still able to keep it personal

2)      It can be a piece of conversation

3)      It make you unique

Jesus Tattoo Designs#3: Jesus Christ Sai Baba by Frenk Breuer

The brush work is just unbelievably good. The way the artist played on light and shading made him look mysterious. And the eyes make him look like he is so deep in his thought. It looks very undone and raw. A complete opposite of the usual extensively cleaned up and airbrushed look of Jesus.

Jesus Tattoo Designs#4: Christ Crucified by Carne Griffiths

Yes, we do like the look of artworks that seem undone. There is always a certain level of purity and sincerity when the piece looks like it was done while the artist was chillin’ in Mexico with an exploding cigar in his mouth. And this is what this piece looks like. Now, just a bit of a warning. You need to find a really good artist to achieve this image accurately.

Jesus Tattoo Designs#5: The Carpenter’s Hand by Optimal Solution

Why not look at it from another perspective? His hand where the nail went through is also an icon and known symbol of His sacrifice.

There are many other Jesus Christ artworks out there which you use to serve as a tribute to your faith. Just remember that the nearest tattoo artist may not always be as good as the artist who rendered the Jesus Tattoo Designs you want inked.