Some people find Koi Tattoo Designs too soft or girlie or whatever it is they call it. Especially because they are most often combined with other girlie elements like water, cherry blossoms, flowers, and are colored with more feminine colors like yellow and red. However, Koi Tattoo Designs have a history that’s more meaningful.

Koi Tattoo Designs History

Koi is the Japanese word for carp. It’s a special Japanese fish. In fact, they are especially bred for them to have more colors. That’s why you will find many colorful Koi Tattoo Designs. They grace indoor gardens and have been treated as the most elegant living decoration in any Japanese home. It is the evolution of its colors that allowed the Japanese to look at Koi fish in a whole new light.

Koi Tattoo Designs and Its Meaning

More than just a decoration, it is considered a symbol of good luck and romantic love. They believe that Koi fish brings fortune and love to a Japanese home. However, there is also a strange belief that what the fish may bring actually depends on the behavior of the fish. For example, a fish that moves around a lot may stand for an unstable life or an unstable love.

Koi Tattoo Designs are also considered a masculine symbol in Japan. In fact, when parents give birth to a son, flags with koi fish images are raised and displayed around the house. It’s a practice that persists to this day.

Koi is also a symbol of energy and growth. Koi fish are known for going against the current or swim against the flow of the water. They are strong enough to fight through it. It is rare for any fish to be able to do this and it is what makes them valuable.

Koi Tradition and Contemporary Meaning

These beliefs have naturally evolved. Young Japanese interpret Koi Tattoo Designs different ways.

1) A Koi tattoo design that swims up is a representation of courage during the most difficult times. It represents victory or dominance against the world.

2) A single Koi tattoo design could also represent independence because Koi fish is known to live most of its life alone. They don’t really care much for companions. This is something that resonates with young Japanese because the Japanese culture puts a lot of importance to family ties. It’s rare for them to be proud of their desire to be independent.

3) The young Chinese has a different set of beliefs. They belief that when a Koi fish makes it to the Dragon gate along the yellow river, the Koi fish will become a dragon. This is how a Koi tattoo design has become a symbol of spirituality for them. In fact, it is about the highest kind of spirituality because the dragon is a highly regarded “animal”.

Last Words about Koi Tattoo Designs

It is always advisable for anyone who is getting a tattoo to know the meaning behind the artwork. Without it, you will have nothing but a doodle on your body. Koi Tattoo Designs are not just like other artworks, it has a rich history and a deep meaning.