Before getting your lips tattooed, it’s best to know this first. Lip tattoos are divided into two types – the outer and the inner lip tattoos. The apparent difference is that the design will be tattooed either on the outer or in the inner side of your upper or lower lip. However, inner lip tattoos are usually done on the inner side of the lower lip, as it would be very difficult to show the tattoo if it would be in the upper lip. Most inner lip tattoos aren’t permanent, and are less painful compared to outer lip tattoos. Whichever of these two you choose, what matters is the lip tattoo design that you will choose. There are many meanings behind them, so consider reading this first before finalizing your decision on the design.

Lip Tattoo Designs: Music

The lips are crucial when we sing, and so these are the best places to tattoo designs which are related to music. Music notes are often drawn as lip tattoo designs because once you see them you’ll know that the person is a music lover. Music note tattoo designs on the lips symbolize music as one’s inspiration. You may also choose musical instruments such as a cute, tiny guitar, snare drums, tambourine, or keyboard. Another great lip tattoo idea is to have the title of your most favourite song, line, band or artist written on your inner lip, symbolizing that it has a great part in your life.

Lip Tattoo Designs: Shapes

There are various shapes that are subjects of lip tattoo designs. Shapes like heart, star, key, clover, diamond, or flower are easy to tattoo on one’s inner lip, and look simple but cute and stylish as well.  In addition, smileys are also favourite lip tattoo designs especially among women. The heart lip tattoo may mean you want to show your love, affection and compassion through the words from your mouth, whereas the star lip tattoo may symbolize that you only talk about things that shine knowledge and wisdom. You may color the shapes according to how you want them to represent your feelings. For example, a red heart may mean you are deeply in love at the moment, while a blue heart may symbolize the feeling of coldness and loneliness. You may also combine shapes for your tattoo designs, such as a love key, which is a combination of a heart and a key.

Lip Tattoo Designs: Words

Letters and words are the most famous designs for lip tattoos. These will best represent your feelings, thoughts and personality. You may write words like “party animal”, “rockstar” and similar words that depict aggressiveness, liveliness and vivacity. The letterings also convey meaning and attitude, as it can make a difference on whether the word is gearing toward masculinity or femininity. You may also choose lip tattoo designs that say thoughtful words such as “Sorry”, “Peace”, “Don’t Panic”, “Stay Calm“, “Thank You”, and “I love you” so that every time you show this tattoo to someone, they will surely appreciate your words.