The Truth About Military Tattoo

There’s this crazy belief that bearing a military tattoo can fool people into thinking they are members of the military. Well, it can. However, you should know that real military guys won’t be as covered because the military imposes some strict rules on what part of the body they can ink and what art work they can ink.

Reasons Behind the Military Tattoo Regulations

It is common sense really but please allow me to humor you.

  1. If they get captured and they have marks on their body that could clearly give away their identity as a military personnel, they’d be so dead. Know that military personnel are trained to withhold their identity so as not to give those who captured them any advantage or leverage.
  2. They are supposed to be models of the society. They can’t go around bearing swastika marks on their forehead or other indecent tattoos. I mean really, when you go around with a military tattoo saying America is stupid and you are supposed to be serving it, it doesn’t make much sense.

Military Tattoo Policies

  1. Tattoos that are visible above the class A uniform are not allowed. For those of you who don’t know, the military has several uniforms but that’s not what this blog is about. Go check out what it looks look. Essentially, any tattoo on head, face, and neck are not allowed.
  2. Tattoo that are or allude to being an extremist, indecent, sexist, or racist are not allowed regardless of where the tattoo is placed.
  3. Military tattoo on the hands and back of the neck are allowed for as long as they do not support or allude to being an extremist, indecent, sexist, or racist.The back of the neck is defined as just below the ear.
  4. For women, permanent make-up is considered a tattoo. That is allowed and that includes permanent eye-liner, eyebrows and makeup applied to fill in lips, officials said. However, you can’t put it on like Lady Gaga. It needs to complement the color of the uniform and the complexion of the person.

Who Determines What Military Tattoo is Acceptable?

The recruiting officer will decide whether your military tattoo will fly or fail and the decision is final. However, know that they are aware of the fact that many of those who are interested in making it in the military don’t quite make it because of their tattoos so they have become lenient about the rules. In other words, they will not use this as a reason to reject you unless your tattoo is in gross violation of the rule.

Those that are already serving the military are always advised to consult their commanding officer before getting inked. If they get a military tattoo without permission and the tattoo violates any of the rules, they will need to have it removed or leave the military.

So next time a guy tries to hit on you or impress you by showing you a tattoo that states they are a member of Seal Team 6, they are most likely not members of any Seal Team. There are a lot of military men that get tattoos to keep it as a remembrance of their experience but never a military tattoo that can give away their identity if they are capture. a