Star Tattoo Designs are very popular in tattoo culture, owing to the fact that the symbol has a wide variety of meanings and that they’re easy to incorporate into any existing design. However, it is these same multifaceted aspects of star tattoo designs that make some people avoid the symbol, simply out of fear of committing a design faux pas or using the wrong kind of star.

At the base level, stars represent the actual heavenly bodies, but they also stand as symbols of good and truth, of guidance and knowledge. While there are hundreds or even thousands of specific stars, there are a few types of popular star tattoo designs with specific uses and meanings:

Star Tattoo Designs Ideas #1: Feminine Star Tattoos

At the base level, stars are considered as feminine symbols, due to the fact that important female authority figures, such as soothsayers, oracles, and priestesses, all use stars as emblems. Individuals who want a feminine looking star should go for the basic five-sided design. Colors don’t matter, and some even use simple outlines. A more modern take on the regular star design is a group of “shooting stars”, which can be inked on the feet, the hip, the wrist, or the ribs.

Star Tattoo Designs Ideas #2: Masculine Star Tattoos

While the regular star design is considered feminine, men can still incorporate stars in their tattoo. Even if they are not going for the androgynous look, there are designs of stars that are masculine or at least gender neutral.

Examples of masculine star tattoo designs use either the 4 point or 6 point stars. It should be worth noting that irregularly shaped stars are unwieldy, and require a very skilled tattoo artist in order to look good, so you need to make sure your tattoo artist can handle it before getting inked.

Star Tattoo Designs Ideas #3: Neutral Star Tattoos

Tribal tattoos are also great examples of gender neutral or masculine stars, and in fact look good for men who like to look aggressive or athletic. One thing to look out for in tribal star tattoo designs is the fact that they are usually complex and can take longer to ink. Last but not the least, A shooting star with a comet’s tail is also regarded as a masculine type of star.

At the end of the day, it is also good to remember that stars are just one symbol that can be used as part of a whole. Try to incorporate a story behind the image. Combine it with other elements such as tribal symbols. This will allow you to use the star any way you want without worrying on the “gender-implication” of your tattoo.

Also try to study the different stars that have been used in history, literature and science. There are meanings for 5-point stars, 6-point stars, and others. Go for the start that best represents your story or personality.  If you want more elaborate tattoos, you can use star tattoo designs as the set piece to a more elaborate or complex design.