Stone tattoo designs aren’t as common as angel tattoos, flowers, or animals. This is surprising considering stones hold many of the secrets of the Earth. If you are someone that likes to put depth and sensibilities on the tattoos you sport, stone tattoo designs will give you exactly that. Stones are what are formed when Earth moves and when different elements of the Earth mix, collide or separated. It is some kind of a monument to history and mystery.

If you are looking for some stone tattoo designs, read and see some of the best stone tattoo designs we have seen online.

Stone Tattoo Designs Ideas #1: Cracked Stone
cracked 300x197 Stone Tattoo Designs

Aesthetically, showing cracks on any surface is appealing. Something about the random formation of lines against a once solid surface makes anything look interesting. Psychologically, cracks show humanity. It communicates a point of weakness which people can always empathize with. At the same time, the stone naturally speaks of strength.

Stone Tattoo Designs #2: Ripped
ripped 225x300 Stone Tattoo Designs

Creating the illusion that your skin is ripped is becoming a popular ink. There is always the subconscious desire to know that there something more than inside ourselves that is more powerful and better. to make the ripped illusion better, you can tattoo a stone texture. Instead of a simple ripped effect, it would also be a good idea to actually shape the rip part into a symbol, similar to what you on the photo.

Stone Tattoo Designs #3: Abstract Rock Formation
random rock formation 300x276 Stone Tattoo Designs

As we’ve said, stones are evidences of the Earth’s past. It plays a big part in making us understand how things become as they are now. There are also many prominent rock formations in the world such as the Meteora (not the Linkin Park album) and the Red Canyon. It would be really cool to find a beautiful rock formation that is native to your hometown and have it inked. It speaks of your history and your heritage in a deeper level.

Stone Tattoo Designs #4: Embossed
embossed 185x300 Stone Tattoo Designs

Embossed and bevelled are two effects that are often used in Photoshopped for many artworks. One creates the illusion of a higher ground and the other a lower ground. You can emboss or bevel a symbol, text, or an entire symbol. It helps the image stand out against your entire body or other inks of you have many.

Stone Tattoo Designs #5: Frame
frame 201x300 Stone Tattoo Designs

You can also use a stone texture as a frame for another image. You can frame a flower, a face, or even a text. This will create a more dramatic effect. There are different stone textures to choose from such as Granite, Limestones, and Gneiss.

Stone Tattoo Designs #6: Sculpted Image
sculpted 236x300 Stone Tattoo Designs

You can use a stone texture to form an image, a symbol, or a text. This will create an illusion of a sculpted stone. Again, there are different stone textures which are used by actual sculptors as a material. Check the different materials and see what you think will be best for the image you want. Remember that stone tattoo designs texture will make your image look stronger.