Sun tattoo designs arevery popular tattoo artwork. Rightfully so. It is the center of our solar system. However, more discerning people might be interested that the sun means more to different cultures.

Sun as a Pagan God

Back when people still believed the Earth was flat and Physics was not even a thought, the Sun was a God. It is what made life possible and everything revolved around it. It was believed to be the most powerful thing in the universe they knew. They worshipped it and all other gods were no more than servants of the sun. This is something not known to many people getting sun tattoo designs.

A Symbol of Birth and Rebirth

The rising of the sun is the signal for everything to begin. People get up from their slumber and onto a day’s work once the sun rises. When a new baby was born, it was common for fathers to get a tattoo of the sun. it also symbolized new beginnings. When a couple gets married or gets a new job or gets a higher position in the society, the sun was the object they reverted to.

Eventually, the different phases of the sun symbolized different phases of one’s life. So, be aware of this when getting sun tattoo designs. The orange morning sun was for beginnings, the noon sun was for a person’s peak, and the afternoon sun was for death.

A Symbol of Spiritual Growth

Different religions and races, such as the Egyptian, the Buddhist, the Hindu, and the Orphic, believed that the sun also signalled the journey of the soul. They believe that the spirit will be reincarnated over and over again until one lives his life in the most noble of ways. The soul is then released to the Sun where it will forever lie. It was believed that sun tattoo designs meant that the person is living his or her life in the most noble of ways.

Sun and the Different Colors

As you know, the sun rays may have different colors. It all depends on the amount of dust on the sky. However, that’s a scientific discussion. Ancient cultures also believed that the different colors of the sun correspond to different meaning. There are too many cultures and it will be impossible to cover all sun tattoo designs color meanings but below are some of the colors and what it means to different races.

1. Red Sun

Celtics: Someone or something died and is transitioning to the afterlife.
Hebrews: Believes it is an angry sun caused by the sins man just committed.
South Africa: Red sun is a sad one, meant for morning and reflection
Cherokees: It was a symbol of triumph and success

2. Gold Sun

Cherokee: This was a sign that trouble, problems or war is going on
Egypt: They believe that it symbolizes death
China: They associate yellow with wealth as it is close the Gold color

3. Purple, Blue or Violet Sun

Thailand: This is used to symbolize mourning
China: It is a spiritual journey or the peak of someone’s spiritual health
Different cultures have different meanings and it is essentially up to the person getting the sun tattoo designs to decide which belief he or she will subscribe to.