Torn skin tattoos are not for everyone. Let’s just get that out of the way. It’s for those who have the balls to freak out other people, even those that are close to them. But for those who have it (the balls, just in case you didn’t get that), torn skin tattoos can be some of the greatest works of art you may carry forever.

You may have noticed by now that we are not big on showing tattoos of other people because we believe in originality but we’ll make an exception for torn skin tattoos. We just hope that you use these as an inspiration. Don’t copy it. Your body deserves something more than just a copied work of art. Here some of the best torn skin tattoos we have seen on the web and what we like about it.

Torn Skin Tattoos

Torn Skin Tattoos #1: Spiderman

The chest hero revelation has long been associated with Superman. He is the one who first used the act of opening his shirt on the chest area to reveal his S symbol. I’ve always known Spidey is cooler and he proved it right here because he didn’t just rip his shirt. He ripped his skin.

Torn Skin Tattoos #2: Words

We all have favourite bible passages or favourite quotes or favourite poems and this is one cool idea on how to immortalize it… with style. Some people would simply tattoo the phrase but creating an illusion that the words are embedded below your skin gives it a whole new dimension.

Torn Skin Tattoos #3: US Flag

There are some countries with different elements in their flags which they can use and manipulate to come up with different artistic ways on paying tribute to their country visually. We don’t do that often in the U.S. I am not sure why but this skin torn tattoo to reveal a wavy US flag should change that attitude. We have a beautiful flag, we just need to find artistic ways on how to manipulate it without disrespecting it.

Torn Skin Tattoos #4: Bones

I just want to clear it up… we didn’t choose this because the girl is hot… she is hot but it’s not why we chose her tattoo. It’s simply because it looks great… on her flat abs. Just kidding. If you are looking for something shocking, this tattoo does the job.

Torn Skin Tattoos #5: Cross

I have seen thousands of cross tattoo through the years and I am rarely, if not never, impressed because it’s so common. This tattoo has several unique elements. The artwork of the cross itself is great especially with the skin going over the cross. Again, it paints a whole new meaning on spirituality.

If you are going to have torn skin tattoos, I suggest you come up with something unique and don’t hold back. It’s one of those inks that is polarizing. It can absolutely look stunning if done right or absolutely herrondous if done wrong. So thin, plan, and approach a really good tattoo artist for your torn skin tattoos.