Vine tattoos are all about swirls. That’s not bad at all but there really is more to vines than just tangled lines. There are different kinds of vines and different kinds of flowers or plants grow from it. Unlike flowers, it doesn’t have any historical or cultural significance. This one’s all about mother nature and how living things evolve and adjust to the environment.

However, knowing the different kinds of vines might help you design better vine tattoos.

Sexy Vine Tattoo Designs

Type of Vines for Your Vine Tattoos

Tendril is one of the most popular Vine Tattoos out there even though many may not be aware that they are using tendrils. Tendrils are thin and have no leaves but they are the most adaptable. They can wrap themselves on anything, wood, steal, etc. One example of tendrils is grapes.

Twining vines connect their stems to any kind of support they come in contact with.

Clinging vines, like the name, cling. Think of it like an adhesive tape. They can stick themselves on anything even a steep wall. They have little arms that grow out of the vines. It’s like having little octopus growing out of their vines. Imagine that on vine tattoos.

Types of Vines and Flowers for Your Vine Tattoos

Hybrid clematis vines have flowers with different shades of red, violet, blue, and green. It is definitely a good option for your Vine Tattoo design. Every now and then, a single flower can have multiple colors in different shades but it is always lined with a white border. It is perfect. The petals are long and elongated but the edge is smooth. The flowers are so big that the leaves only take a peek which frames the flowers. This is one of the best vine tattoos you can get.

Sweet Autumn Clematis has smaller flowers but grow vigorously. They grow in chunks that leave almost no room for the leaves to show up. They often stay under the flowers. The flower is usually white, cream, or yellowish. Great for vine tattoos.

Trumpet honeysuckle has large leaves and the flowers also look like thorns or vines. The flower is red though and every now and then, a pink one appears. The petals are long and thin. It looks like several straws bunched up together.

Chinese and Japanese wisterias are, by far, the prettiest vine flower I have ever seen. It will make great vine tattoos. It just gives you the feeling of purity and freshness. They have clinging vines so they can grow on anything and the flowers can be white, lavender, pink, red or yellow. In reality, they need air and space to grow. If you are an artist who likes the Chinese and Japanese wisterias, need space to grow, then this is the vine for you.

Last Tips on Vines for Vine Tattoos

Most vines are brown or green. In your vine tattoos, you can color it in any way. It is your artwork after all. Just try and put some meaning into your vines. It is going to be on your body forever, you might as well make it stand for something. Your vine tattoos should say something about you.