The tricky thing about getting Aquarius tattoos is the difficulty in getting an artist competent enough to ink an image of water beautifully. Even Pixar, with all its resources shied away from doing an animated movie involving water. That is why Finding Nemo was celebrated so much. They crossed a huge milestone. Sure, it took them millions of dollars but still…

Luckily, there are other creative ways for you to pay homage to your sign by getting Aquarius tattoos.

Aquarius Tattoo Designs

Aquarius Tattoos #1: Abduction of Ganymede

Gynamede was a beautiful young character in Greek Mythology. Homer described him as the most beautiful of all mortals. Zeus either sent an eagle or turned himself to an eagle to abduct Gynamede and transport him to Olympus where he was designated to be the cup-bearer of gods. He is often painted naked and perfect in form. His beauty attracted affection even from those with the same sex. How tat for Aquarius tattoos? In fact, may interpret Zeus abduction and decision to grant him immortality as an act of romantic love. Hera was also the only goddess who hated him because she considered him her competition from the affection of Zeus.

Aquarius Tattoos #2: Ganymede and the Rooster

Gynamede was given a gift by Zeus, a Rooster. He is often portrayed holding the Rooster with a big ring. Socrates denied that Zues was romantically in love with Gynamede but Plato insisted that Gynamede was the only mortal that was granted immortality by Zeus. Later on, many artists actually interpreted his abduction as Zeus’ rape of Gynemede. Gynamede apparently tried to run away using a hoop. This image became a popular one in the ancient times. It became a standard image of eroticism.

Aquarius Tattoos #3: Water Over the Earth

Gynamede eventually controlled the distribution of water over the Earth. He didn’t take the place of Poseidon, he simply controlled the distribution. This is why you see many images of Gynamede holding a cup. In the Greek version of the myth, he was credited for the flood myth. In Gustave Doré illustrated edition, Noah’s story was reinterpreted and a beautiful artwork was used in the cover. You can use this for your Aquarius tattoos.

Aquarius Tattoos #4: Modern Aquarius

Many artists have reinterpreted the story, of course. That includes making Aquarius into a woman instead of a man. However, she is always depicted holding a cup. The most creative ones I have seen are those that depict an Aquarius under water. However, this is pretty difficult to do in a tattoo.

Aquarius Tattoos #5: The Aquarius Symbol

The symbol looks like a simple zigzag sign but it actually represents water. It’s not a good representation. Again, water is not that easy to put into an image. However, if you find an artist that can tweak that symbol to make it more decent looking, I say go for it. There is always the option of just taking it as its, two parallel zigzag lines. Just put it somewhere cool.

Remember that there are a lot of ways on how to put more substance on your inks. It pays to do your research before getting Aquarius tattoos.