Aries tattoos are diverse. It goes with the nature of a bull. It’s tough and big. These things truly inspire artists in creating amazing pieces of art. The ones I found below are pieces of art that were successfully translated on the body. It gives Aries tattoos a different look and a different image by using different styles or methods of drawing. Below are some of best Aries tattoos we have seen.

Aried Tattoo Designs


Aries tattoos #1: Left Arm

aries tattoo design 300x237 Aries Tattoo Designs

It is a simple one but it achieves several things. For one, it was able to maintain the virginity of the Aries symbol without making it too plain. The decision to put it on a texture makes the symbol pop out. The intricacy of the textures is not without meaning. That is the pentagram which means a lot in different literatures of different countries. All these elements put together make the tattoo look more mystical. That’s one idea you can use on your Aries tattoos, combine it with other elements to give it more depth.


Aries tattoos #2: Ribs

aries tattoos on ribs 204x300 Aries Tattoo Designs


There is something great about the positioning of the tattoo. For you to put it on a place on your body which is not so visible, it probably means that it something more personal than it is aesthetic. It is also extremely sexy for some reason. That part of the body is not usually a vanity muscle but having something there just makes it special. I’m not sure why but it does. This particular artwork is not as intricate as the other Aries tattoos we have featured it doesn’t have to be.



Aries tattoos #3: Wrap Around The Leg

aries tattoo on leg1 300x143 Aries Tattoo Designs

The tattoo above wraps around the leg, just in case you didn’t get that part. It’s a nice idea for Aries tattoos. If you look closely, you will see a very intricate style. It actually uses the dotting method. This method uses dots to form the image. The darker the parts, the more dots and the closer together they are. This is considerably harder than doing the traditional ink method or pencil and others. If the person getting the tattoo chooses to be faithful to the method, this is also going to the more painful but totally worth it.


Aries tattoos #4: A Little Abstract

abstract aries tattoo design 218x300 Aries Tattoo Designs

There is something captivating on images of Aries tattoos that seem incomplete. It makes you look longer and harder just to be able to piece together the incomplete image in front of you. If you are able to do that with the image above, you will see it is just a simple image of a bull but the lines and the empty spaces in between makes this simpler and better. From a different perspective, the image is also a bit tribal in feel because of the blocked and thick lines.
There are many other Aries tattoos out there that are unique and beautiful. Just take a look around and I am sure you will find something that will inspire you. Remember that the bull is a beautiful animal and a tough one. It’s easy to play around with it for your Aries tattoos.