Let’s do something different for Capricorn tattoos. Something far off. Well, not really far off because it is still about tattoo but instead of giving ideas on how you can render your Capricorn tattoos, let us look at celebrities who are Capricornians and check out their inks.

Capricorn Tattoo Designs

Celebrity Capricorn Tattoos #1: Orlando Bloom

The new father has several tattoos.
1) A tree without leaves that run across from his hips to his chest.
2) A blocked band on his left arm.
3) The word NINE on his right wrist.

Celebrity Capricorn Tattoos #2: LeBron James

We might run out of space for this celebrity Capricorn tattoos.
1) He has “CHOSEN1” on his back, upper area. They said it was there when he was born. Just kidding. He got it after he landed on the cover of a magazine when he was in highschool and they called him the Chosen 1.
2) He has a lion head on his right arm.
3) The lion head has GLORIA on it in honor of his mother.
4) He has BRYCE MAXIMUS on his right arm and PRINCE JAMES to commemorate the birth of his sons.
5) He has a Lion/Dragon hybrid animal on his chest.
6) He has K.J. presumably to stand for King James.
7) He has L and J on the back of his arms, his initials.
8) He has the word WITNESS on his right outer leg.
9) He has HISTORY on his left outer leg.
10) The word FAMILY is on his left ribcage.
11) The word LOYALTY on his right ribcage.
12) He has the words “What we do in life” on the right arm and the left follows… “echoes in eternity”.
13) He also has his hometown’s area code on his arms, 330 – Akron.
Believe me, I’m not even close to completing the list of his celebrity Capricorn tattoos.

Celebrity Capricorn Tattoos #3: Jude Law

He has more than five celebrity Capricorn tattoos but we are just listing the ones that are clear.
1) On his left arm, it says, “You came along to turn on everything, Sexy Sadie”. This a line from a song of The Beatles. He wanted to remove it after his divorce from his wife but he has kept it.
2) On his right arm is a Rorschach butterfly with his initials J.L.
3) A group of ants in a circle. Apparently, he likes the virtue of hard work that ants possess.
4) On his left arm is a pyramid with two red points.
5) Heart wrapped with thons on his left inner arm.

Celebrity Capricorn Tattoos #4: Aaliyah

Aaliyah three tattoos.
1) On her left wrist and the other on her lower back.
2) Her celebrity Capricorn tattoos also include one on her lower back is a tribal interpretation of a dove which she got as a tribute to her grandmother. Her grandmother, according to her, embodies peace and love.
3) The one on her left wrist is letter A written in a way that it looks like a shooting star which stands for her name. She also has a musical note on her left ankle which is her way of celebrating music, the one thing she loves the most.

That’s just four Capricornians. Search and find out more about celebrity Capricorn tattoos.