Leo tattoos are one of my favourites. Somehow, many artists get inspired by the king of the jungle. The cannibalistic and fearless attitude of the animal bring out some of the many artistic inspirations out there. For this post, we are going to present to you some of the best artworks we have seen on the web. Hopefully, the artistry will inspire you to come up with your own designs for Leo tattoos.

Leo Tattoo Designs

Leo Tattoos #1: The Myth
leo tattoo designs 150x150 Leo Tattoo Designs

According to Leo mythology, this refers to Nemean the lion that was slain by Hercules in the very den of the lion without having to use any weapon. The slaying was a result of the Hercules getting pissed off after Nemean the lion terrorized the town of Nemes located in Greece. Hercules was given the job of fighting for the people and making sure that the beast stop killing people. This is the first of the 12 great adventures that were all accomplished. Great idea for Leo tattoos.


Leo Tattoos #2: The Sign
leo tattoo design Leo Tattoo Designs

The sign is actually the head of the lion. It may be puzzling to understand why a zodiac sign would name one after the antagonist of the story. One reason may be due to the fact that the lion was incredibly strong. The skin was actually impenetrable. That is the very reason Hercules had to fight he lion with his bare hands. Later on, he use the skin of the lion to protect himself while completing the remaining 11 tasks. The artwork above is a creative interpretation of the symbol. Leo tattoos can benefit from the great interpretation of great artists.


Leo Tattoos #3: The Woman
leo tattoos 150x150 Leo Tattoo Designs

One of the influential characters in the story of Hercules is his mother. In fact, when his mother learned what he did to the lion, his mother decided to raise the soul of the lion high up in the sky to become a constellation. The interpretation above may not exactly show the mother of Hercules but it does show how a woman is actually behind the constellation. You can have the same freedom in you Leo tattoos The color and the simplicity of the image is also outstanding. The way the two images meld into one is nothing short of captivating.


Leo Tattoos #4: Personifying
leo tattoo 189x300 Leo Tattoo Designs

The one thing this tattoo did right is humanize the sign by creating a male with the characteristics of a lion. It gives you a different perspective of the sign. For the longest time, the leo is the lion. We often forget that the sign is supposed to serve the person. This makes a leo person instead of simply slapping a sign on your skin. You can make a more intricate interpretation, of course, for your Leo tattoos. This is a rather simple drawing of a man that looks like a lion.



Leo Tattoos #5: Female Leo

leo tattoo 2 150x150 Leo Tattoo Designs


Why not turn the lion into a woman. No one ever said it has to be male. Given that Greek mythology is heavily male-centric, it is up to modern interpretation to add the female touch to leo tattoos.