Sagittarius tattoos are extremely popular especially among those who are fascinated with the supposed influence and power of the stars to people’s destiny and life. However, it is difficult to come up with something unique. After all, there are only 13 signs and billions of people. The key is in incorporating your personality, unique characteristics or defining elements in your life to your Sagittarius tattoos. Below are some ways other artists interpreted it.

Go ahead and get inspired.

Sagittarius Tattoo Designs

Sagittarius Tattoos #1: Sagittarius by Yuumei

sagittarius tattoo design 224x300 Sagittarius Tattoo Designs

Most Sagittarius interpretations are male. It is a refreshing idea to make the character a female. And you have to admit, it is much sexier. The above artwork follows the anime style which makes it more playful and light. If you want colored Sagittarius tattoos, this one is worth looking at. Some might think it is feminine but I don’t see anything wrong with it. At some point, heart tattoos were too feminine and nowadays, even the biggest male celebrities have it on the most visible parts of their bodies.



Sagittarius Tattoos #2: Sagittarius by Marie Cannabis


sagittarius tattoo designs 300x224 Sagittarius Tattoo Designs

It is a clever idea to give your Sagittarius tattoos a bit more characterization. The artwork above doesn’t just turn the Sagittarius to a woman, it is an elegant and beautiful woman. The four-legged animal has more details on the body. Even the bow and arrow is a more detailed. The more details you give your tattoo, the better and more unique it is going to look. It will also be a clever idea to give body more details would reflect you more. The body of the centaur has a lot of space, more opportunities for you to put more images.


Sagittarius Tattoos #3: Sagittarius by Inucat

sagittarius tattoos Sagittarius Tattoo Designs

Instead of concentrating on showing the actual centaur, why not show the constellation. Remember, all the signs and how it affects people are supposed to written in the stars. This is a good idea for other Sagittarius tattoos.

It is also an opportunity to make the message more subliminal. It actually invites people to look at it just to figure out what it actually is. You can play with colors and shading just to mess it up a bit more or create an illusion of an abstract image.


Sagittarius Tattoos #4: Sagittarius by Hypnotises

sagittarius tattoo 208x300 Sagittarius Tattoo Designs


This is taking a whole lot of artistic license. For one, the lower part of the body doesn’t show four legs. That is, in fact, half of the characterization of Sagittarius. However, there is no lack of drama in the image. The shading, the fact the woman is floating above water, the dress, and the weather make this image beautiful. It is a difficult image to ink but it is worth it if you find someone that is good enough to duplicate the intricacy for your Sagittarius tattoos.



Sagittarius Tattoos #5: Sagittarius by Trevone

sagittarius tattoos1 198x300 Sagittarius Tattoo Designs


If you are looking for a Sagittarius image that kicks ass, look no further. Of all the Sagittarius tattoos I have seen, nothing quite exudes the same badassery as this one.

Just remember these images are owned by an artist. Please respect them by contacting them if you want to ink their artwork. No matter how beautiful Sagittarius tattoos are, if it is stolen, it’s never worth it.