There really is no reason for your Scorpio tattoos to be common. After all, there are more than one kind of scorpio. When your TV is defaulted at National Geographic, you do absorb some of the geekery. It is a good thing, of course, because I get to write stuff like different scorpios which you can ink. On the other hand, I get to release the information my pea-size brain keeps on absorbing.

Read below and get more ideas for your scorpio tattoos.

Scorpio Tattoo Designs

Scorpio Tattoos #1: Albino Scorpions

Albino scorpion is probably the rarest type of scorpions. There have been reports and records of albino scorpions being captured but it is so rare and in between. According to records, however, albino scorpions are eyeless. They are found in caves and since it is so dark, nature did away with them. They are just as venomous as other scorpions. Not sure if you will like this for your scorpio tattoos. The lack of melanin activity is also not needed since they are mostly in caves.

Scorpio Tattoos #2: Black Scorpion or the Asian Forest Scorpion

They inhabit in the wild and live above ground to prey on smaller insects. However, their venom is not as lethal as other scorpions but the string is very strong. What they lack in venom, they make up in size because they are bigger than average scorpions. They can grow to up to four inches and a half. They can also live for more than seven years. It is often mistaken for the Malaysian Scorpio but the Black Scorpio is really dark while the Malaysian one is bluish or greenish.

Scorpio Tattoos #3: Blue Scorpions

Blue scorpions are found in almost every part of the world except Europe. It is also the most domesticated pet because they don’t eat their kind. You can peacefully co-exist with other kinds of scorpios. For as long as you provide them a space of their own and feed them well, they’ll keep the harmony going.

Scorpio Tattoos #4: Emperor Scorpions

It’s not called an emperor for nothing. It can grow up to eight inches, twice that of the black scorpions. They are also one of the oldest creatures on Earth, three millions years of existence and maybe more. They are not naturally aggressive but they have no problem eating their kind if they are hungry. They also hunt during the day, which is different from other scorpios.

Scorpio Tattoos #5: Death stalker Scorpion or Gold Scorpions

Several things make them unique. For one, they use their claws to fend off predators instead of stingers used by other scorpions. They are also aggressive which means they don’t need to be dared to attack. If they see something that can be their next meal, they will attack. They also have a very strong venom which can kill people especially those with weak immune system. Some stings have reported raptured lungs.

There are many other kinds of scorpios which you can use for your scorpio tattoo designs such as the brown scorpios, pseudo scorpios, red claw scorpios and others. Search for all kinds and choose the one that mimic or mirror a part of your personality. Hopefully, not the venomous part. I’m sure you can create unique scorpio tattoos that reflect your own uniqueness as a person.