Taurus tattoos may be popular but the sign is also associated with so much negativity because of its negative introvert characteristics and the mythology associated with it. However, it is also these characteristics and history that make the sign unique. You can take these separate elements and create Taurus tattoos designs that are totally unique and aesthetically astounding.

Taurus Tattoo Designs

Taurus Tattoos #1: Horned Head

The round face with horns actually already offers a lot of opportunity for artists to play around with. It is every simple. In fact, unless you know what you are looking at, you can swear it could be a rabbit, a smiley face or a simple hollow dot with two lines. Putting a stylized trace of the round shape with horns on the nape will be discreet but intriguing when you put your hair up. You can also put it on your hand or fingers.

Taurus Tattoos #2: The Mythology

According to mythology, Taurus took Zeus form and raped the beloved Phoenician princess named Europa. You don’t see that in other Taurus tattoos. Taurus was identified with the Bull and artists have to interpret Tuarus using the bull in their artworks. Apparently, this is the same bull that appeared in the Cretan Bull myth. If you can create an artwork that tells that story, your Taurus tattoos will not just be unique, it will be epic.

Taurus Tattoos #3: The Conflict in Personality

The mythology alludes to the evil in every Taurean. However, they said that it is only half of the personality of people born under the Taurus sign. The bull in the Taurus myth is also one of the twelve labors of Hercules which performed heroic acts. That means that Taureans are always trapped between their human side that seeks to serve humanity and the beast in them. If you find a way to show a bull that is both black and white, your Taurus tattoos would be totally cool. It will show who you are, it will tell a story and show another side of you.

Taurus Tattoos #4: You as the Bull

Why not? Be the bull and I mean replace the head of the bull with your own complete with horns. It will look funny in your head if you don’t have the artist DNA but great artists can definitely come up with something cool for you.

You can also do it another way. You can come up with an image that will show half of you and half the bull. It will exist in different levels. For one, it is a straight up way of saying you are a Taurean way but it can also show the struggle of different personalities within you.

Regardless of which option you go for with you Taurus tattoos, the most important things is coming up with an artwork that will tell your story or represent the part of a Taurus that is strong in you. If you want to create something unique, spend and commission a professional to create something that is all yours. Remember that there are already too many Taurus tattoos around, you wouldn’t want to be just another one.