If you have virgo tattoos and found yourself not a virgo anymore, as per the updating of the some international organization that knows all about stars and constellation… don’t worry, you are still a virgo. Only those that were born in 2011 are supposed to adapt the new astrological signs. Although, yeah… it’s still irritating. I was still getting over the whole Pluto-is-not-a-planet thing and here they are dropping this on us?

Oh yeah, this post is not for ranting. It’s to show you other artistic ways on how you can pay homage to your zodiac through your virgo tattoos.

Virgo Tattoo Designs

Virgo Tattoos in Kanji

Virgo has a direct Kanji translation, it is called Otomeza. It is made of two words otome, which means virgin, and za, which means constellation. You may also opt to get the Hirana translation. Either way, both are accurate relative to what the writing stands for. Since we are already in writing Virgo in a different language or writing style, why not try other writing styles like Arabic.

Virgo Tattoos Using the Symbol

The official symbol of Virgo is composed of two symbols. You can use this for virgo tattoos. One is the letter M and it flows into the crossed legs of a virgin female. At least we will assume that the woman is a virgin because the sign is called a Virgo. You can take these two elements and play with it to create your version of the symbol. Think of it as a font. It shouldn’t change the basic principle of the symbol but you can put style into it to make it look unique.

Virgo Tattoos Through its Mothers

As per the mythology, there are to gods that are associated with the sign. The first one is Astrea who was the Greek good of innocence. When she got pissed with men who do nothing but fight, she left and Zeus made her a constellation. Erigone was how Marcus Manilius called the constellations. You can look for the images of these two Greek gods and use this for your virgo tattoos.

Virgo Tattoos From The Eyes of Contemporary Artists

An image of a woman naked with her back to the audience and the insignia of the Virgo on top of the image is one of the most stunning Virgo art pieces I have ever seen. It was done by Delphine Gache. It is one of the most popular. I would assume that many have used this already but if you can find other thoughtful interpretation of your sign, go for it.

Virgo Tattoos in 3D

You can emboss or put the symbol on a 3D illusion. You can put colors on the background to give it some depth for your virgo tattoos. You can also combine it with other elements to make it stand out like putting the symbol over a rough texture.

Virgo is one of the most beautiful signs on the zodiac. The symbol itself and the personification are stunning. The photo of a beautiful virgin woman beats the goat, the fish, the twins, and essentially all other signs. The worst thing you can do is come up with an ordinary design for your virgo tattoos.